Bad economic times and health

Interesting article by Tara Parker-Pope in today's NY Times  suggesting that bad economic times might lead to improved health.  As our time is worth less in monetary terms, and we have less discretionary income, we eat fast food and prepared food less, we spend more time at home, and we exercise more.   

Of course, it all depends on how bad the times are, and how well you were living beforehand.  When the Russian economy sank after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, there was a dramatic contraction in the GDP, and a shocking decrease in the health care "spend."  There was also a five year drop in the average life expectancy for Russian men, from 69 to 64.  

We might all want a little more time off.  And the decrease in the rate of health care inflation over the last few years is good news.    None of us want a Great Depression!