Physician Payment Disparities, and Physician Point of View on Payment Reform

There were a few articles from Archives of Internal Medicine last month revisiting pay disparity among physicians –and showing physician attitudes toward changes in payment methodology.

Leigh et al show that many specialties, especially surgical specialties, make as much as twice per hour worked as primary care. Harvard Link 

Here are data on selected specialties:
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Federman et al review physician attitudes toward payment reform.

Physicians in general are leery of bundled payments. Physicians are split on incentives – with about half approving of these through general practice, medical specialists, and surgeons.    Primary care physicians are relatively enthusiastic about shifts in income from specialty to primary care. (67% in favor). Surgeons are adamantly opposed (17% in favor).  Harvard Link 
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Payment reform won’t be easy, and will be vociferously opposed by those who believe they will be the losers.